This is a very old draft that I scheduled to publish far, far in the future. Which, at the time, was December 2016. So here’s an accidental post for you. Once upon a time, I was anti-leggings. I found them ugly and unflattering. I deemed them lazy and immodest. I thought they should only be worn to bed or […]

It starts innocently. Generously, even. Your roommate’s dog dies, and you want to help find a new little puppy to return joy to her life. So you google “portland puppies dogs oregon,” in your best robot syntax. Unsurprisingly, Craigslist is the top result. At first you stay on task. You click on dog-sounding entries like “Lady” […]

A tribute to Imperator Furiosa and her ilk, A Woman Warrior’s Work by Jess Zimmerman questions the limits of femininity and celebrates fierce characters like Tamora Pierce’s beloved Alanna. “Even when you’re wearing heels,” a friend told me, “you walk like you’re wearing combat boots.” Two worthwhile essays on Ex Machina, which is thus far tied with Mad Max: Fury […]

People arrive at this blog through all sorts of bizarre Google searches. Some make no sense in relation to the content of my writing (“hilarious letter to midwife,” “snoopy love glitter”) and some kind of do but still make me laugh (“are coffee shops in churches selfish,” “why christian boys shouldnt wear skinny jeans”). Because of […]

It is a Sunday, and I am sitting on my boyfriend’s couch, a quilt that looks homemade but isn’t bundled around my legs against the early spring chill. I am browsing tumblr to pass the time before the day’s activities begin in earnest. In the background I half-hear a strain of old-fashioned music I half-assume […]

“Something is wrong. Something’s been wrong.” The text made me sit up straight on my bed, dreading. No no no, don’t say it, I thought. Don’t be depressed. You don’t need that. You don’t deserve that. You deserve happiness! And sunshine! Butterflies flying a cosmic duet with unicorns! But bright, shiny good wishes can’t stop […]

In Jesus Feminist, Sarah Bessey emphasizes that she is a feminist because she is a Christian. It’s a sentiment that many other feminists of faith have echoed: the principles found in the Bible coincide with many of the core tenets of feminism. They love Jesus, and Jesus radically affirmed the value and equality of women, and […]

Addie Zierman knocks it out of the park with 3 Things We Need to Stop Saying to Youth Group Kids at How to Talk Evangelical. I didn’t even go to a church with a youth group for the majority of my teen years, but I still heard these awful truthisms regularly. Good riddance. One of the recurrent […]

My car broke down last summer when I was transitioning between jobs. I didn’t have the funds to fix it, so I used public transportation for a few months. The first time I went to my newly full-time job, I wore a striped dress and my favorite teal high heels — nothing super fancy, but an outfit […]

I was thin as a kid. Always big for my age, but not chubby. Then I hit puberty and got wider before I got taller. Stretch marks etched into my thighs, my face rounded, and I felt thick and overstuffed and elephantine. I grew self-conscious about the reverberations of my steps (did I sound extra-heavy?), […]