Monthly Archives: May 2013

Nineties nostalgia, Jesus edition

If Tumblr has taught me anything, it’s that the Internet is a wormhole of nostalgia. So it’s May 2013? That doesn’t mean we can’t endlessly memorialize everything that happened in, say, April 2013. And the nineties? Ancient history! Let’s recap/review/reblog our formative years/yesterday before we get old and/or before Yahoo ruins the Internet. But for […]

I love the new Star Trek even though it’s terrible

[Beware, there be spoilers here.] It’s as bad as you’ve heard: The plot goes from zero to sixty and ends up nowhere. John Harrison is more threat than villain. Uhura isn’t so much a character as she is Spock’s Girlfriend. Sulu, Chekov – are they even in this movie? Guns! Blasts! Crashes! Surprises! Wait, why […]

on seasons

It’s been unseasonably warm this spring. Instead of the expected rain, sunshine emerged with the cherry blossoms and has stuck around long after those petals fell and other plants have started to bloom. It wasn’t the worst winter, but it wasn’t a pleasant one either. I’ve been overcommitted, hibernating when I have free time, and […]

On leaving fundamentalism

I didn’t know I was a fundamentalist. I knew the theology I’d been taught was conservative, that everyone I knew was a Republican, that faith didn’t exist outside a proper reverence for TULIP and Rush Limbaugh. I knew the Religious Right like the back of my hand, and that peoples are saved with legislation. I […]

Feeling depressed? Here, take this bad advice

It was close to midnight a few weeks into my senior year at university. I was looking at my planner – the one I’d decoupaged and filled out at the bright hopeful beginning of the semester – looking at the deadlines listed, but not caring. This wasn’t like me. Sure, during my previous fifteen years […]

So moms really love pink, right?

All across the United States today, retail employees have been taking down leftover Mother’s Day products and already have started unpacking boxes of graduation gifts and Father’s Day cards to fill the emptied shelves and store windows. I’ve worked for Hallmark, in two states and several stores, on and off for the past seven years. […]

burning up the planet

There’s a little university town in Oregon called Corvallis. It’s a small town big on environmental sustainability. Green everything. Bikes everywhere. A ban on plastic bags, even. Sometimes people laugh at the city’s progressive eccentricities; they roll their eyes and say “Oh, that’s so Corvallis.” While some of their policies are a bit, erm, overbearing, […]

On sex, the church, and chewing gum

Last week, abduction and rape survivor Elizabeth Smart spoke at a John Hopkins human trafficking forum, explaining why she didn’t try to cry out for help or try to escape during her nine-month ordeal: because she “felt so dirty and so filthy” after being raped. Raised in a religious community, she had been taught the […]

New kid on the blog

Once upon a time, twentysomething years ago, I was born. I flourished into a child, a child with dreams. And like most children, I never once thought, “I want to be a blogger when I grow up.” Blogging is sort of lame, right? Like, your grandma probably has a blog by now. It’s quite possible […]