New kid on the blog

Once upon a time, twentysomething years ago, I was born. I flourished into a child, a child with dreams. And like most children, I never once thought, “I want to be a blogger when I grow up.”
Blogging is sort of lame, right? Like, your grandma probably has a blog by now. It’s quite possible your dog does. Everybody blogs!
Including me, now. I mean, I’ve blogged before — in high school I had MSN, Blogger, mypsace, Xanga (these were real websites that once very popular, all you 17 year olds laughing at these funny made up words while snapchattervinagramming your Top Ramen). These blogs were masterpieces of adolescent angst. They included spiritual reflection, movie reviewing, life updating, Big Question asking, and stupid quiz taking, and, yes, there was even a little bit of poetry. All four will hopefully be buried and forgotten forever until 200 years from now when someone is writing my biography, “Kate Schell: The Voice of Early 21st Century Bloggers, Vol. 2: A Digital Bildungsroman.”
But I grew up and moved on. I went to college and wrote a newspaper column. (About surviving the apocalypse, which I am alternatively horrifyingly embarrassed by and ridiculously proud of. Mostly proud, let’s be real. Have you ever successfully made smoke signals with a pillow case? Neither have I. #survivalist)
I thought I had left writing personal missives online behind me, along with wearing sweatshirts every day and reading Thought Catalog. But apparently that old Narnian proverb still rings true: Once a king or queen of blogging, always a king or queen blogging.
See, I read a lot of things, including things on the Internet. And over the past couple of years as I’ve been figuring out my beliefs and finding my identity (WHO KNEW that didn’t end with myspace?), I often have been most deeply impacted by things written not in newspapers or magazines or books, but in blogs. Silly old blogs. On the interwebz. By everyday people sharing their stories and speaking about issues not addressed in the circles I grew up in.
There are writers speaking insightfully on feminism, mental health, sexual ethics, pop culture, and theology. There are Christians figuring out faith outside the limitations of conservative evangelicalism.
I may not end up saying anything especially meaningful here. Maybe I’ll just add noise to these conversations. But if nothing else, I’ll work through my own issues and celebrate those who are better than I at articulating problems and offering solutions. WordPress: journaling made easy — and public!
Plus, I need a new platform to brag about my cat. He’s really fluffy, okay? And he’s thinking of starting a blog.

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