For my Story101 writing course, we’re taking a week off social media, and presumably spending less time online overall. (This blog isn’t part of the Internet though, right? Great.) Here are some hyperbolic thoughts I’ve had in the first day and a half:

+ If my cat is adorably sitting in front of the fan on a hot summer day but I don’t tweet it, did it really happen?
+ Nap. I could nap right now.
+ Does this mean I have to clean my room?
+ You know those people who make tumblrs for their cats? I think those people are my people.
+ If I ever become a spy, will I have to permanently deactivate my Facebook? Like Jason Bourne and Waldo can’t just upload photos from Fiji while they’re on the lam, you know. Because total giveaway.
+ I bet Edward Snowden never even had Facebook.
+ I bet Edward Snowden has a book deal by now.
+ What did people do IRL in the dark ages? I should ask my grandma.
+ Nap time! Again.
+ I should take up video games.
+ #vacuuming
+ What is the man in the apartment across the way doing with that knife? Why is his wife running away? Why am I watching through my telescope? Is this what it feels like to be the NSA?
+ Is an article even worth reading if you can’t share it? I mean, what am I supposed to do here, email it to my mom like it’s 1645 ugh
+ I should get another cat. I should name her Hashtag.
+ Forget about His Royal Once And Future High King Of Narnia Baby, this is prime engagement/wedding/birthing season on Facebook! How many life events have I already missed in real time, 26? I’m guessing 26.
+ Why don’t I cook more?
+ Rear Window is a prophetic metaphor for our times. Edward Snowden is Grace Kelly(!/?)
+ But seriously, if I push the share buttons below on this post, is that cheating? It’s not actually going onto my accounts to post this, so it’s fine, right? Right.
+ I miss pixels.
+ I miss likes.
+ I miss reblogs.
+ I miss laughter and joy.
+ Hi, my name is Kate, and I’m an Internet junkie.



  1. jmellison · · Reply

    and you’re going to have to wait a week to check your stats.

  2. I would comment on this if it were online.

  3. I really do believe that we are kindred spirits. For the last two days I have had some of my BEST tweet ideas and status updates running through my head and no-where, NOWHERE to put them. It’s like my creativity in telling people what I am eating, drinking, wearing, what funny thing Abigail just said and what some bonehead just spouted is gone.

    Maybe I will follow your lead and make a status update blog post, cause damn! some of them are good.

    On the serious side though. I am already seeing and feeling a dramatic shift in my spirit with this social media (blogs not included) fast. My usual routine in the morning was coffee and catch up on the shizzle going down. Now I am drinking my coffee, writing and just being quiet. It’s oddly amusing how you hear God so much more when you close your Twitter app and sit in solitude :)

    One questions….. Who in the hell is this Cumberbatch guy? And PS: Abigail and I are spies. I might be able to talk to her about letting you into our agency. There would be a pretty tough qualifying test but I would have wine for you at the end :)

    Sorry I wrote my own blog in your comments ;)

    1. Yeah I’m also enjoying being less plugged in. Silence & solitude are good, good things. Haven’t had any epiphanies, but I am being more productive and intentional, and writing a lot. And preparing my application for Abigail’s spy agency, obviously.

      Benedict Cumberbatch is what they should have named Prince George! But actually he is just a British actor who is weird looking but also weirdly attractive and everyone on the Internet is weirdly obsessed with him. #themoreyouknow

  4. Kate, this is hilarious. So similar to my mind when in prayer – the thoughts sometimes just don’t stop. Love your honest. I love Story 101 – it’s what gave me a good boost of writing confidence!

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