Monthly Archives: October 2013

when God was a breaker

I’ve been reading through some of my journals from my teen years. I wrote out my prayers back then, and boy, did I pray a lot. In many of those prayers, I have a bunch of names in quotation marks. “Sheree,” “Mark,” “Lullou,” “Connall” … It took me a while to recall who these people […]


They spoke in hallowed tones of the mountaintop: the place where you reach a high point of sanctification and Christian maturity, and the presence of God is as palpable as that pillar of fire to the exiled Hebrews of old. We heard, and we believed. That fire was up there, somewhere. We couldn’t see it […]

11 must-read lists

It’s official: Bronze, Iron and Aquarius have passed. Today, we are living in the Age of Listicles. We, the people of the Internet, are obsessed with lists. We publish article after article categorizing, commemorating, enumerating, elongating, rating. Much of Gawker media wouldn’t even exist without the listicle. The Onion spoofs the trend. My bff has […]