Monthly Archives: November 2013

holy land

Those old stories aren’t just pretend. That lonely princess in a high white tower, you know her. You see her reflection in your candlelit mirror. We’re protecting you from evil, they say. We’re keeping you safe, separate from the world. This place is better. This place is holiest. You aren’t safe, though, you aren’t innocent. […]

Days of Gratitude: Little Lovelies, vol. 2

Quick post before work. A few things I’m grateful for this weekend: > sunshine sneaking through the blinds after a gloomy week > coffee (aka sugar & milk with a bit of caffeine) > the catharsis of creativity > microwaveable chicken > my roommate who is absurdly obsessed with Olympic curling trials > conversation with […]

when the winter comes with rain

When the winter comes with rain, I greet it with eyes open, marveling at each puddle. I embrace the banks of fog distorting, no, enchanting the still-green earth. I like chubby clouds and the weighty atmosphere before a downpour and glitter-dropped Douglas firs after. And Christmas — oh yes, Christmas: that promise of tinsel nights […]

Days of Gratitude: 10 everyday scenes

I drive a lot. As in, close to 700 miles per week. I enjoy driving, in large part because I’m an INTP and enjoy having time to analyze, like, the meaning of that hurried silent slice of time between one heartbeat and the next, or whatever, without having annoyances like noise or people interrupt my […]

Days of Gratitude: Little Lovelies

It is late and I am feeling more grouchy than grateful, so I will stick with listing a few little lovelies from this weekend: > A good nap and a good movie on a day off. > Finally attending a NaNo write-in, and finding it unscary. > Autumn sun. > Breakfast with roommates. > A […]

Days of Gratitude: 10 college things

When people ask why I decided to attend my alma mater, housed in an old tuberculosis hospital and surrounded by prisons, I usually give a rote reply about its Pacific Northwest geography, a friendly campus, and good financial aid. But the real answer is, I just chose it. It was an option among a handful […]

Days of Gratitude: Possibility

I’ve been feeling stagnant lately. I’ve had giant nebulous dreams but few concrete goals. With my weird newspaper schedule, it is easy to stay up real late watching Netflix, sleep until 10 or 11, and accomplish very little outside work, some volunteering, and life basics like doing laundry and feeding my cat. And it’s easy […]

What I’m into: October

I’ve been meaning to participate in Leigh Kramer’s What I’m Into forever, but the first few days of each month usually slip past before I remember to. Here, finally, I am catching on to the catch-up/catch-all linkup. Some highlights from 10/13: Life October began with my long-lost college-journalism-partner-in-crime Megan landing in PDX, fresh off a […]