Days of Gratitude: Possibility

I’ve been feeling stagnant lately. I’ve had giant nebulous dreams but few concrete goals. With my weird newspaper schedule, it is easy to stay up real late watching Netflix, sleep until 10 or 11, and accomplish very little outside work, some volunteering, and life basics like doing laundry and feeding my cat. And it’s easy to justify this, because I do have a weird work schedule, and last winter I was so over-committed — look at me, learning from mistakes.

But I’d like to not while away my mornings, or my fleeting youth. This November, I am embracing possibility.possibility

I am thankful for the outrageousness of NaNoWriMo and the support (and stunning example) of my Story 101 comrades. Those ladies are killing it with their chapters upon chapters already (it’s DAY 3, calm down!), while I’m twiddling around with a few hundred words. Despite all the times as a child I proclaimed, “I’m gonna write boooooks! Much books! So many!” I have dabbled very little in fiction. So while I’m finding characters and words easy, plot and structuring are as yet beyond me. While I won’t accomplish 50,000 Pulitzer-worthy words, I am terrified but thrilled by the possibility of hacking away my first 50,000 of fiction — sci-fi even! #geekeryFTW — learning much about my shortcomings and naivety along the way.

I am thankful for good health and my roommates who are, like, “let’s run and stuff.” I’ve been sorely neglecting any real, consistent exercise for the last, oh, eight months or so. But I’m lacing up my old sneakers again and committing to the possibility of actually being ready for the run we’ve signed up for in March.

I am thankful for the place I live (and a working vehicle). Moving farther from my job has made for a dastardly commute, but it’s feasible for now, especially because my wonderful new-to-me car is not an apocalyptic death machine like my late, not-so-great car, Bellatrix, was. The commute is worth it, too, because although Salem was good to me mostly, after six years I am ready to be closer to the reason I moved to Oregon in the first place: good old Portlandia. I don’t run into familiar places at the grocery store up here, but that newness is refreshing in its way. There is obvious opportunity for growth and possibility for community, and I’m committed to making the most of this place.

Prudy Chick is doing a 30 Thankful Days. While I can’t commit to joining every day, I love the project, and thus will be making like the pilgrims and listing things I am grateful for on Sundays and Wednesdays for the month of November.




  1. Dan McDonald · · Reply

    If you accomplish not one more thing in life with your writing, you have made me think about some things and I’ve also enjoyed reading what you have had to say. So I am already thankful for your writing, but yeah you can probably do more. Still there is that old question, do we let life get between us and our goals or do we let our goals get between us and life? You know what I mean?

    1. Thanks, Dan. I’d say there’s always more to accomplish with writing, if for oneself even if for nothing else.

  2. I like that word possibilities. it always lends hope to life and provides a deep sense of i-will-make-it. that’s a good thing – a very good thing!

    1. Very true. And if there’s one thing the world could benefit from, it’s a little more hope. (:

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