Days of Gratitude: Little Lovelies

loveliesIt is late and I am feeling more grouchy than grateful, so I will stick with listing a few little lovelies from this weekend:

> A good nap and a good movie on a day off.
> Finally attending a NaNo write-in, and finding it unscary.
> Autumn sun.
> Breakfast with roommates.
> A weird little pet shop where dogs and turtles wander about free.
> Three technical difficulties at work tonight. Just three!
> My car radio working again — magically, miraculously, magnificently.
> Safety on a foggy drive when my visibility often ended with my headlights.
> Deer friends calmly grazing by the roadside again a block from home. Their names are Gustav, Monroe, and Chelsea. (Humphrey and Zebadiah weren’t there this time.) (Their names change every night.) (Because I forget what I named them before.) (And more because I don’t know if they’re the same deer or not.) (I am not a zoologist, okay?) (I don’t even know if zoologist is the profession I mean.) (I should not blog at 2 a.m.)
> Sleep!

Inspired by Prudy Chick‘s 30 Thankful Days, I am posting Days of Gratitude twice a week this month.



  1. Dan McDonald · · Reply

    Thanks Kate – It is the expression of gratitude for the little things that make a day brighter that perhaps inspires us more than any of the great things, for sometimes the great things seem far away, but the little things remind us that all of us have things for which to be grateful and that indeed makes our days a little bit brighter. Thanks.

  2. Little things. It’s always in looking back over the little things just how blessed we are despite our worst circumstances ;)

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