Days of Gratitude: 10 everyday scenes


I drive a lot. As in, close to 700 miles per week. I enjoy driving, in large part because I’m an INTP and enjoy having time to analyze, like, the meaning of that hurried silent slice of time between one heartbeat and the next, or whatever, without having annoyances like noise or people interrupt my precious darling thinking. But while each commute to work or elsewhere is individually enjoyable, collectively those trips take big chunks from my day. I sometimes get frustrated with how much time I spend sitting in my car rather than doing Other Awesomer Stuff. Oh, and there’s my gas bill.

But like so many bothers in life, driving is not really all that big a deal. It’s not ideal — time-wise or environmentally — but it’s how it is, for now. And as long as this is how it is, I can be grateful that I have a good transportation, that I have the opportunity to go places, even if it’s just the office or a coffee shop, and that I get to regularly see a whole swath of the mid-Willamette valley.

It’s the scenery that I’m choosing to be grateful for today. I toted my camera around with me a couple of times this week. I’m no great photographer, but I recorded a few sights along my drives, little reminders of mundane beauty I witness from place to place, the foggy skies and stark architecture of my days.


Sort of participating in Prudy Chick‘s 30 Thankful Days, I am posting Days of Gratitude twice a week this month. For this post, I was particularly inspired by Jennifer‘s use of photographs in her thankful posts. Her work has been reminding me how fun & cathartic it can be to view life through a lens.


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