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of fear and longing (at Story Sessions)

My dorm room was quiet, one fluorescent bulb flickering lightly, the heater on full blast against the drudging cold rain. It was a bad semester, the worst. There were memories I didn’t want and jello-thick depression and more tears in a month than in all the rest of my life before. There were fights late […]

It Is Written (at Midwife of Words)

I’m over at Midwife of Words today sharing for my dear story sister Bethany’s It Is Written series. I’d encourage you to read some of the other posts in the series, too; there have been many gorgeous and freeing contributions. In mid-January when I was thirteen, I filled a shirt box with trinkets and keepsakes, […]

Sure, dance with God, but not to earn a husband

“Draw close to God, and God will draw a man close to you.” — not James 4:8 At the end of my first year at summer camp, my counselor gave each of my cabinmates and I a personalized journal. On the back page, in pretty gel pen ink, she wrote out a poem she loved, […]

leaping fences

Do you remember when you first came to the gate locked? Do you remember when you first butted up against the fence and let it defeat you? And do you remember, farther back, the allure and necessity of the open fields beyond? You believed it once, that those meadows were yours. You believed it once, […]

#PlanetCCM: Three favorites

Dianna Anderson has today collected all the posts for her synchroblog on what we learned from Christian music. I covered the “serious” aspects of this discussion in my first and second posts, but before leaving the topic, I’d like to briefly reflect a few albums that meant a whole lot in my adolescence and that […]

What I’m Into: A Better December

“We were warned of judgement. Well, here it is.” — The Omega Man (this quote has little to do with the rest of the post) How about that December, huh? Mid-month, melancholy settled deep a few times. Part of that, I think, was the weather, part was the inexplicable creeping of depression, and part was […]

A word for the year: Push

a time to plant and a time to uproot … a time to tear and a time to mend … Under our feet, nestled in cold earth, seeds bide their time. They wait for the warm season to call. They prepare to tunnel through the dirt; they anticipate oxygen and light. And then, in the […]