leaping fences


Do you remember when you first came to the gate locked? Do you remember when you first butted up against the fence and let it defeat you?

And do you remember, farther back, the allure and necessity of the open fields beyond?

You believed it once, that those meadows were yours. You believed it once, that your journey could span the whole land. You believed it, until you saw that gate. Maybe it came with “I’ll get there tomorrow.” Maybe it came with grief, busyness, inertia. With unwanted memories or uncertain futures. Muscles straining, bones breaking.

But you remember, you must. You’re not made for the herd. You’re not made to be wrangled or saddled.

Let gentle streams invite you to imagine. Let the howling wind incite you to roar. Let the crisp chill of a waterfall wake you to liberation. Remember, remember the joy of leaping fences.

Do you feel it, can you see? It’s the warmth in the belly of the earth and your heart, the sunrise of wide open eyes. That gate can’t stop you now. There is freedom to be captured, and released.

Ears to the call. Eyes to the horizon. Stallion heart racing with fire. Hoofbeats thumping toward your dreams.

You burst, you push — unbroken,

Photo by Jennifer Upton. Prompt from Story Sessions.


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