It Is Written (at Midwife of Words)

I’m over at Midwife of Words today sharing for my dear story sister Bethany’s It Is Written series. I’d encourage you to read some of the other posts in the series, too; there have been many gorgeous and freeing contributions.

1217aIn mid-January when I was thirteen, I filled a shirt box with trinkets and keepsakes, ticket stubs and notes from friends, and a letter written to myself. “Do Not Open Until January 23, 2012!!” I wrote on the box in sparkly purple gel pen, and I hid it at the bottom of a drawer.

At 23, I pull the now-dented box out of my closet, ten years and 600 miles from where I started it. The letter is in turns flighty and sullen, as you might expect from a teenager stuck in puberty and depression. I walk into my then-roommates’ bedroom. “Listen to this letter,” I say, “it’s hilarious.” We laugh about how I planned to get a horse and name her Arwen. I read on. “I’m fat and mostly ugly, and my clothes are bad but I am trying to dress better. What stores do you like? Did you grow up to be beautiful?” My roommates don’t laugh.

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  1. Beautifully expressed, Kate. Though your roommates may not have related, surely many of us do. Thank you for sharing your heart. <3

  2. Dan McDonald · · Reply

    Kate, I think this blog must have taken some extra courage. I know one thing, that I always enjoy seeing your words in a story, on a tweet, whether serious or humorous. They are among those delightful things I cherish most in life. I know there are times we should take better care of our bodies than perhaps we do, but sometimes when we don’t like what we see all our plans to change are so much like that old story in which they put of fig leaves. Our clothing and body plans are so often responses of shame, but God wraps us in garments created from his love for us. Do remember this much of the creation story. Do remember this.

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