Monthly Archives: February 2014

Standing Our Ground (At Shalom in the City)

Today I am honored to be part of an incredible project over at Shalom in the City, along with Idelette McVicker. Osheta Moore, one of my Story Sisters, has been hosting a week-long series, Standing Our Ground… In Prayer, in response to the killing of Jordan Davis, a black teenager who was shot three times […]

On running in the rain

There was a flash flood today. I know, because I was outside, running. I hate running. And sprinting, and jogging, and fast-walking with a slight hop — the whole spectrum, really. It’s not the setting, the outdoors — give me more of that, overcast or sunny. But I hate the actual running part, the part […]

Snowpocalypse now

This if my second snow day in a week, giving me a now four-day weekend. If that sentence makes you green or just slightly flushed-pink with envy, calm down. You’re probably imagining hot cocoa around a warm fire, snuggling in coordinated ski lodge-wear, reading Russian novels and laughing with friends. But real life, it turns […]

What I’m Into: January 2013… er, ’14

Linking up with Leigh Kramer for her monthly What I’m Into series. Please disregard the fact that we’re already half a week into February. LIVING Thanks to my January birthday, I don’t get the post-holiday doldrums as quickly as it seems others do. I actually like January. It’s a Fresh New Start™ for everybody. The […]

It is February and I am single

It is February and I am single. I don’t have much to say about that, but I feel that I should. Many writers I enjoy do. Cara Strickland comes up with insightful things to say pretty much weekly in Single Minded Mondays. Leigh Kramer has written about how her life as a single thirtysomething is […]