Monthly Archives: March 2014

In the beginning

Where does the gospel begin? That old story of darkness made light, the broken made whole? When does it start? This is a gospel I have heard: In the beginning, God breathed himself into the dirt, forming Adam and Eve in a beautiful garden to be a glorious, living metaphor of God and the Church […]

happy thoughts

“The girls we once were are coming back to us now.” — Brandy Walker When you grow up, you forget. All the sad memories and adult anxieties crowd in; they unpack their bags and make a home in your psyche. The good moments, the small wonders, they get stuffed in boxes under the bed. So […]

of dust and ashes

“Say something I’m giving up on you.” It is a mournful day in Oregon, with thick heavy rainclouds and thick hearty rain, sky the color of ash. The air feels holy, and I am wearing black. The air feels holy, and I am treading an old, old path to God, a path crowded this time […]

an irresistable push

Earlier today, someone asked me about how my word for the year was manifesting, and she suggested it might mean more than just me-pushing-working-toward-a-goal. As I considered that, I realized I’ve been assuming “push” means me acting; but maybe something else, someone else is pushing me, too — toward a dream, or a deeper faith, […]