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Sunday Best, vol. 4

First off: I promise I am going to do more Real Posting soon. I have several drafts brewing. I will not continue to so maddeningly fill your inboxes and feeds with nothing but other people’s collected words. In the meanwhile, here are other people’s collected words, the best I’ve read this week: There are two things you should […]

an unseared conscience

As a kid, I often heard the phrase “seared conscience.” It referred to the process of an unbeliever using the hellfire of longterm sin or erroneous philosophy to burn away his knowledge of good and evil and his guilt for wrongdoing. Since natural law is said to intrinsically inform us all what is right and […]

Sunday Best, vol. 3

Women in Bikinis — Sarah Bessey never fails to say loud truth quietly. (And let’s be honest, really, reading the combative comments on this one is better than any sportsball game.) “When I see women enjoying a freedom that I can’t yet imagine, I think: I’m going to get there. I have a vision now […]

Sunday Best, vol. 2

It is allegedly fall, the “weather” and “calendar” people claim, but the last few days have been hotter than a July spent in a sauna in the deepest pit of hell. Someone please tell “the experts” to fix this. My scarves have started sniffling in the closet, and my rainboots are striking from disuse. Hopefully the […]