Sunday Best, vol. 3

Women in Bikinis — Sarah Bessey never fails to say loud truth quietly. (And let’s be honest, really, reading the combative comments on this one is better than any sportsball game.)

When I see women enjoying a freedom that I can’t yet imagine, I think: I’m going to get there. I have a vision now for a new area of freedom and wholeness in my life. Whether it’s in my vocation and calling, my opinions and daily life, my priorities or whatever, I want to get there.

Regular Exercise is Part of Your Job — An interesting twist on the benefits of exercising regularly, as it effects not just your personal life but your work performance. I don’t really like the idea of workers being “performers,” actually, but you know you what I mean. (I found this link at Pink-Briefcase.)

“Our mental firepower is directly linked to our physical regimen. And nowhere are the implications more relevant than to our performance at work.”

Let’s talk about stress baking — Being underemployed this summer, I didn’t have much of a grocery budget, which meant cheap, simple meals and no baking. I am glad to be getting back into baking and cooking, and it is definitely something I do to alleviate anxiety, as it is one of those rare enjoyable and productive activities. (I followed this link from Jaime.)

“Cooking is improvisational, tolerant, and accommodating. Baking is exacting, formulaic, and unforgiving. Cooking readily accepts the cook’s whims; baking requires formulaic precision.”

worstatThe Worst Cat — The very worst cats are baby hippos.

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