Sunday Best, vol. 6

Remember when I was going to do regular little roundups on Sundays? Yeah, me neither. But here are some worthwhile links from a couple of months ago as well as more current ones:

I knew my favorite grocery store, WinCo, was employee-owned, but I didn’t know how good it is to its employees until reading this Forbes article: Millionaire Grocery Clerks: The Amazing Story of WinCo Foods.

“I have almost $1 million in stock,” said Cathy Burch, 42. “If I wanted to, I could retire right now.” … For working Americans, of course, a secure and adequate retirement income is increasingly rare and difficult to obtain.

This piece from Ben Moberg is like the promise of warm cocoa after a cold, bleak day. Long have I, too, had a fraught relationship with church, but communion — which was once a source of great anxiety — has become one of the few but fierce beacons that beckons me back, a reminder of The Blood of Christ Shed for You:

Me, often speechless in prayer. Often unable to provide a simple answer to those who are seeking and wondering about the faith I say I belong to- now speaking a simple statement of incomprehensible significance. Words I felt I could almost follow out of myself and into the lives of the community, of the church. Words I suddenly said with more seriousness than I have been able to convey authentically since I don’t know when. Me. The blood of Christ shed for you.

I know I’ve been talking about modesty a whole lot lately, but the most hilarious response to the ever-ongoing yoga pants fiasco comes from Lynsey at Sugar Free Ear Candy in Why I Chose to NEVER Wear Mom Flats Again:

A fellow #fashionblogger complimented my style choice and asked if I minded them sharing my photo. “Of course you can! Go right ahead!” I was thrilled. I’d finally made it! Victory was mine! Hours later I clicked over to bask in the glory of internet stardom only to find that the #fashionblogger was a foot fetish site! GASP! Here I was, mocking my poor wardrobe choice and what I’d actually done was pimped my feet.

Brenda at Don’t Stop Believing speaks with vulnerability and dignity about being single, still, five years after divorcing, on Valentine’s Day in Enough Alone:

I know better than anyone that it’s better to be single than unhappily coupled. But it’s devastating to think that those are my only options.

On a fun note, WIRED celebrates a few great Leslie Knope moments as Parks & Rec nears its final episodes in A Galentine’s Day Tribute:



  1. Thank you for the link and nice words. I seriously regretted that post after the only comment on it was a burn, so it means a lot that it spoke to you! <3

    1. Oh bleh, there is nothing worse than writing something vulnerable and having it met with digital silence. Keep speaking true things!

  2. I looove WinCo. We are getting one in my town soon, and I’m so ridiculously happy.

    1. That calls for a celebration, if anything ever has.

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