Meet Kate

Oh hey, fancy meeting you here. I’m Kate. If this was an old myspace questionnaire or a first date, I might tell you that I am:

  • An Idahoan-cum-Oregonian
  • A journalist
  • An INTP
  • Not a theologian, scholar, or comedian
  • Also not a wizard
  • A former English major
  • A current cat lady
  • Pretty geeky
  • A stalwart defender of the Oxford comma (AP style be damned)
  • A feminist, intersectional style
  • A cradle Christian gone agnostic
  • Currently wearing gray pants (seriously, myspace circa 2005, what was up with the pants question?)

I tweet at @kate_schell and avoid responding to your emails at akateschell at gmail dot com. (I really am terrible at email, but would love hearing from you.)