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the existential crisis of craigslist pets

It starts innocently. Generously, even. Your roommate’s dog dies, and you want to help find a new little puppy to return joy to her life. So you google “portland puppies dogs oregon,” in your best robot syntax. Unsurprisingly, Craigslist is the top result. At first you stay on task. You click on dog-sounding entries like “Lady” […]

How to paint your furniture sort of like a pro

Welcome to The Home Projects Blog! I know it doesn’t say that at the top of the page, but use your mindpowers to cross off my name and replace it with The Home Projects Blog. You good now? Cool. Now, you probably thought this was A Serious Blog? “Man, that Kate Schell,” you thought, emphatically […]

What I’m into: October

I’ve been meaning to participate in Leigh Kramer’s What I’m Into forever, but the first few days of each month usually slip past before I remember to. Here, finally, I am catching on to the catch-up/catch-all linkup. Some highlights from 10/13: Life October began with my long-lost college-journalism-partner-in-crime Megan landing in PDX, fresh off a […]

11 must-read lists

It’s official: Bronze, Iron and Aquarius have passed. Today, we are living in the Age of Listicles. We, the people of the Internet, are obsessed with lists. We publish article after article categorizing, commemorating, enumerating, elongating, rating. Much of Gawker media wouldn’t even exist without the listicle. The Onion spoofs the trend. My bff has […]

her creative heart

“We’ll have to watch the weather and reschedule.” My mom hung up the phone. It was a cold February. “Mooooooom,” I whined. “We’re neeeever gonna have my party.” My actual birthday had been the month before, but that Southern Idaho winter, the roads were particularly snowy, so a couple of the girls invited had to […]


For my Story101 writing course, we’re taking a week off social media, and presumably spending less time online overall. (This blog isn’t part of the Internet though, right? Great.) Here are some hyperbolic thoughts I’ve had in the first day and a half: + If my cat is adorably sitting in front of the fan […]

Nineties nostalgia, Jesus edition

If Tumblr has taught me anything, it’s that the Internet is a wormhole of nostalgia. So it’s May 2013? That doesn’t mean we can’t endlessly memorialize everything that happened in, say, April 2013. And the nineties? Ancient history! Let’s recap/review/reblog our formative years/yesterday before we get old and/or before Yahoo ruins the Internet. But for […]

I love the new Star Trek even though it’s terrible

[Beware, there be spoilers here.] It’s as bad as you’ve heard: The plot goes from zero to sixty and ends up nowhere. John Harrison is more threat than villain. Uhura isn’t so much a character as she is Spock’s Girlfriend. Sulu, Chekov – are they even in this movie? Guns! Blasts! Crashes! Surprises! Wait, why […]