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The petticoat gospel

“Nostalgia is denial — denial of the painful present. The name for this denial is golden age thinking: the erroneous notion that a different time period is better than the one one is living in.” Paul, “Midnight in Paris” Seventeen-ninety-seven was not a particularly holy year. People were born and died. John Adams became U.S. […]

Guard Your Heart, Part II: Emotional impurity isn’t real

Let’s jump right in. Here’s my big question about Emotional Purity: What is it? Purity, in the general sense, is the absence of impurity or contamination. A diamond is pure or it is flawed. A dog is 100% poodle or a mixed breed. Sexual purity, in the Christian tradition, is the absence of sexual sin. […]

Guard Your Heart, part I: I did, and I regret it

“Are you dating anyone right now?” My drivers ed teacher, Mrs. Schofield, was a stern, opinionated, and very direct woman. She peered over her glasses and left shoulder at me, an eyebrow raised, expecting a direct reply. “I don’t believe in dating during high school,” I responded from the backseat. “There’s not really any point. […]

So moms really love pink, right?

All across the United States today, retail employees have been taking down leftover Mother’s Day products and already have started unpacking boxes of graduation gifts and Father’s Day cards to fill the emptied shelves and store windows. I’ve worked for Hallmark, in two states and several stores, on and off for the past seven years. […]