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What I’m Into: November (lots of cats apparently)

LIFE aka WRITING November was a weird month. I spent most of my free time in coffee shops writing, or reading Twitter while pretending to write, thanks to NaNoWriMo. I didn’t even write all that many words, certainly not 50,000. I didn’t calculate the final total, but the novel & outline words probably added up […]

Days of Gratitude: Possibility

I’ve been feeling stagnant lately. I’ve had giant nebulous dreams but few concrete goals. With my weird newspaper schedule, it is easy to stay up real late watching Netflix, sleep until 10 or 11, and accomplish very little outside work, some volunteering, and life basics like doing laundry and feeding my cat. And it’s easy […]

What I’m into: October

I’ve been meaning to participate in Leigh Kramer’s What I’m Into forever, but the first few days of each month usually slip past before I remember to. Here, finally, I am catching on to the catch-up/catch-all linkup. Some highlights from 10/13: Life October began with my long-lost college-journalism-partner-in-crime Megan landing in PDX, fresh off a […]