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fallen gifts

This weekend, I made a list and went shopping at a couple of stores several miles from my house. I wandered the aisles looking for the perfect presents to ship off to friends wrapped in paper and string, then selected groceries in another store. I was riding the bus, so I chose things carefully: I […]

when the rivers run with ice

When the rivers run with ice, I feel it in my bones. It feels like grief. Like a gasping for breath. A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices                                           For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn Some days are heavy. Some days need scraped away like windshield frost. Some days come […]

when the winter comes with rain

When the winter comes with rain, I greet it with eyes open, marveling at each puddle. I embrace the banks of fog distorting, no, enchanting the still-green earth. I like chubby clouds and the weighty atmosphere before a downpour and glitter-dropped Douglas firs after. And Christmas — oh yes, Christmas: that promise of tinsel nights […]

burning up the planet

There’s a little university town in Oregon called Corvallis. It’s a small town big on environmental sustainability. Green everything. Bikes everywhere. A ban on plastic bags, even. Sometimes people laugh at the city’s progressive eccentricities; they roll their eyes and say “Oh, that’s so Corvallis.” While some of their policies are a bit, erm, overbearing, […]