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Leggings aren’t pants

This is a very old draft that I scheduled to publish far, far in the future. Which, at the time, was December 2016. So here’s an accidental post for you. Once upon a time, I was anti-leggings. I found them ugly and unflattering. I deemed them lazy and immodest. I thought they should only be worn to bed or […]

Is the Bible your favorite book?

Towards the end of Awana camp the summer before seventh grade, one of my cabinmates, a short, talkative girl, asked me a question: “Do you write letters?” I didn’t, really, but I said yes anyway — and so it was I magically transformed into A Pen Pal. Over the next few years, that cabinmate and […]

What I’m Into: January 2013… er, ’14

Linking up with Leigh Kramer for her monthly What I’m Into series. Please disregard the fact that we’re already half a week into February. LIVING Thanks to my January birthday, I don’t get the post-holiday doldrums as quickly as it seems others do. I actually like January. It’s a Fresh New Start™ for everybody. The […]

#PlanetCCM: Three favorites

Dianna Anderson has today collected all the posts for her synchroblog on what we learned from Christian music. I covered the “serious” aspects of this discussion in my first and second posts, but before leaving the topic, I’d like to briefly reflect a few albums that meant a whole lot in my adolescence and that […]

#PlanetCCM: War songs

“What would people say if they knew that you’re a Jesus freak / What would people do if they knew that it’s you?” — DC Talk, “Jesus Freak” Once I started, after that fateful Jaci Velasquez album, listening to contemporary Christian music, I learned quickly how divisive music can be within evangelicalism. Not because of […]

#PlanetCCM: Does this nonconformity make me look cool?

At my 11th birthday party, I unwrapped my very first CD. I’d had a few tapes before (shout-out to my beloved green Lion King soundtrack!), listened to my parents’ old Simon & Garfunkel and Emmylou Harris albums, and flipped through the radio a bit, but this was the first time I had personally owned what […]

11 must-read lists

It’s official: Bronze, Iron and Aquarius have passed. Today, we are living in the Age of Listicles. We, the people of the Internet, are obsessed with lists. We publish article after article categorizing, commemorating, enumerating, elongating, rating. Much of Gawker media wouldn’t even exist without the listicle. The Onion spoofs the trend. My bff has […]

I love the new Star Trek even though it’s terrible

[Beware, there be spoilers here.] It’s as bad as you’ve heard: The plot goes from zero to sixty and ends up nowhere. John Harrison is more threat than villain. Uhura isn’t so much a character as she is Spock’s Girlfriend. Sulu, Chekov – are they even in this movie? Guns! Blasts! Crashes! Surprises! Wait, why […]