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Sunday Best: Vol. 8

A tribute to Imperator Furiosa and her ilk, A Woman Warrior’s Work by Jess Zimmerman questions the limits of femininity and celebrates fierce characters like Tamora Pierce’s beloved Alanna. “Even when you’re wearing heels,” a friend told me, “you walk like you’re wearing combat boots.” Two worthwhile essays on Ex Machina, which is thus far tied with Mad Max: Fury […]

Immodest Proposals: Alternative principles

In Jesus Feminist, Sarah Bessey emphasizes that she is a feminist because she is a Christian. It’s a sentiment that many other feminists of faith have echoed: the principles found in the Bible coincide with many of the core tenets of feminism. They love Jesus, and Jesus radically affirmed the value and equality of women, and […]

Sunday Best: Vol. 7

Addie Zierman knocks it out of the park with 3 Things We Need to Stop Saying to Youth Group Kids at How to Talk Evangelical. I didn’t even go to a church with a youth group for the majority of my teen years, but I still heard these awful truthisms regularly. Good riddance. One of the recurrent […]

Immodest Proposals: De-universalizing conviction

My car broke down last summer when I was transitioning between jobs. I didn’t have the funds to fix it, so I used public transportation for a few months. The first time I went to my newly full-time job, I wore a striped dress and my favorite teal high heels — nothing super fancy, but an outfit […]

Sunday Best, vol. 6

Remember when I was going to do regular little roundups on Sundays? Yeah, me neither. But here are some worthwhile links from a couple of months ago as well as more current ones: I knew my favorite grocery store, WinCo, was employee-owned, but I didn’t know how good it is to its employees until reading […]

Immodest Proposals: Learning shame

My family did not follow the more extreme modesty rules. My parents did not require head coverings, daily floor-length denim, or any strict uniform; they never demonized pants or department stores. My mom did buy into modesty enough to make shopping trips a stereotypical nightmare during high school. I’d want to get a V-neck blouse; […]

Immodest Proposals: The Rules

If you didn’t grow up in an evangelical context, a homeschool community, or a Red State, you may not understand what the big deal is with modesty. American society oversexualizes girls from a young age, teaching them to find value solely in beauty and to dress to please men. Isn’t it refreshing and good to give […]

Sunday Best, vol. 5

This post, Christians Who Are Afraid, stuck with me as I caught up with Caris Adel’s #31days of Walking Brave. Everything she says in this, I have thought in the last year or so. It is almost impossible for me, even now, to separate the true philosophy of Christianity from the strangeness of the fundagelical […]

Sunday Best, vol. 4

First off: I promise I am going to do more Real Posting soon. I have several drafts brewing. I will not continue to so maddeningly fill your inboxes and feeds with nothing but other people’s collected words. In the meanwhile, here are other people’s collected words, the best I’ve read this week: There are two things you should […]

Sunday Best, vol. 2

It is allegedly fall, the “weather” and “calendar” people claim, but the last few days have been hotter than a July spent in a sauna in the deepest pit of hell. Someone please tell “the experts” to fix this. My scarves have started sniffling in the closet, and my rainboots are striking from disuse. Hopefully the […]