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#PlanetCCM: Does this nonconformity make me look cool?

At my 11th birthday party, I unwrapped my very first CD. I’d had a few tapes before (shout-out to my beloved green Lion King soundtrack!), listened to my parents’ old Simon & Garfunkel and Emmylou Harris albums, and flipped through the radio a bit, but this was the first time I had personally owned what […]

Thoughts from an unintentional apostate

Some terms defined: When I use “homeschooling” or “movement” in this post, I am referring to the prevalent fundamentalist Christian segment of homeschooling. This is less a discussion about education regulations and child abuse than it is about the kind of communal expectations that I and many others experienced as homeschooled kids. I didn’t know, […]

holy land

Those old stories aren’t just pretend. That lonely princess in a high white tower, you know her. You see her reflection in your candlelit mirror. We’re protecting you from evil, they say. We’re keeping you safe, separate from the world. This place is better. This place is holiest. You aren’t safe, though, you aren’t innocent. […]


They spoke in hallowed tones of the mountaintop: the place where you reach a high point of sanctification and Christian maturity, and the presence of God is as palpable as that pillar of fire to the exiled Hebrews of old. We heard, and we believed. That fire was up there, somewhere. We couldn’t see it […]

The petticoat gospel

“Nostalgia is denial — denial of the painful present. The name for this denial is golden age thinking: the erroneous notion that a different time period is better than the one one is living in.” Paul, “Midnight in Paris” Seventeen-ninety-seven was not a particularly holy year. People were born and died. John Adams became U.S. […]