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church bells

It is a Sunday, and I am sitting on my boyfriend’s couch, a quilt that looks homemade but isn’t bundled around my legs against the early spring chill. I am browsing tumblr to pass the time before the day’s activities begin in earnest. In the background I half-hear a strain of old-fashioned music I half-assume […]

fallen gifts

This weekend, I made a list and went shopping at a couple of stores several miles from my house. I wandered the aisles looking for the perfect presents to ship off to friends wrapped in paper and string, then selected groceries in another store. I was riding the bus, so I chose things carefully: I […]

an unseared conscience

As a kid, I often heard the phrase “seared conscience.” It referred to the process of an unbeliever using the hellfire of longterm sin or erroneous philosophy to burn away his knowledge of good and evil and his guilt for wrongdoing. Since natural law is said to intrinsically inform us all what is right and […]

On leaving fundamentalism

I didn’t know I was a fundamentalist. I knew the theology I’d been taught was conservative, that everyone I knew was a Republican, that faith didn’t exist outside a proper reverence for TULIP and Rush Limbaugh. I knew the Religious Right like the back of my hand, and that peoples are saved with legislation. I […]