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Thoughts from an unintentional apostate

Some terms defined: When I use “homeschooling” or “movement” in this post, I am referring to the prevalent fundamentalist Christian segment of homeschooling. This is less a discussion about education regulations and child abuse than it is about the kind of communal expectations that I and many others experienced as homeschooled kids. I didn’t know, […]

holy land

Those old stories aren’t just pretend. That lonely princess in a high white tower, you know her. You see her reflection in your candlelit mirror. We’re protecting you from evil, they say. We’re keeping you safe, separate from the world. This place is better. This place is holiest. You aren’t safe, though, you aren’t innocent. […]

Guard Your Heart, part I: I did, and I regret it

“Are you dating anyone right now?” My drivers ed teacher, Mrs. Schofield, was a stern, opinionated, and very direct woman. She peered over her glasses and left shoulder at me, an eyebrow raised, expecting a direct reply. “I don’t believe in dating during high school,” I responded from the backseat. “There’s not really any point. […]

On leaving fundamentalism

I didn’t know I was a fundamentalist. I knew the theology I’d been taught was conservative, that everyone I knew was a Republican, that faith didn’t exist outside a proper reverence for TULIP and Rush Limbaugh. I knew the Religious Right like the back of my hand, and that peoples are saved with legislation. I […]