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happy thoughts

“The girls we once were are coming back to us now.” — Brandy Walker When you grow up, you forget. All the sad memories and adult anxieties crowd in; they unpack their bags and make a home in your psyche. The good moments, the small wonders, they get stuffed in boxes under the bed. So […]

Nineties nostalgia, Jesus edition

If Tumblr has taught me anything, it’s that the Internet is a wormhole of nostalgia. So it’s May 2013? That doesn’t mean we can’t endlessly memorialize everything that happened in, say, April 2013. And the nineties? Ancient history! Let’s recap/review/reblog our formative years/yesterday before we get old and/or before Yahoo ruins the Internet. But for […]

On leaving fundamentalism

I didn’t know I was a fundamentalist. I knew the theology I’d been taught was conservative, that everyone I knew was a Republican, that faith didn’t exist outside a proper reverence for TULIP and Rush Limbaugh. I knew the Religious Right like the back of my hand, and that peoples are saved with legislation. I […]