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A potentially spectacular & magical word

If you have followed my sporadic writing for a while, you know that around this time last winter, I jumped onto the word-a-year bandwagon, choosing a verb to embody for the whole year rather than listing a bunch of New Years resolutions I would forget by February. The One Word is less a deadline or […]

On running in the rain

There was a flash flood today. I know, because I was outside, running. I hate running. And sprinting, and jogging, and fast-walking with a slight hop — the whole spectrum, really. It’s not the setting, the outdoors — give me more of that, overcast or sunny. But I hate the actual running part, the part […]

leaping fences

Do you remember when you first came to the gate locked? Do you remember when you first butted up against the fence and let it defeat you? And do you remember, farther back, the allure and necessity of the open fields beyond? You believed it once, that those meadows were yours. You believed it once, […]

A word for the year: Push

a time to plant and a time to uproot … a time to tear and a time to mend … Under our feet, nestled in cold earth, seeds bide their time. They wait for the warm season to call. They prepare to tunnel through the dirt; they anticipate oxygen and light. And then, in the […]